Encouragement Consulting for Couples Online Training


Course Introduction:
Most of the time, people are trying to use marriage, as a way to combine two incomplete people into one complete community. This way of thinking hampered the independence and self-growth for both sides, and eventually led to imbalance, pain and in harmony in marriage and individuals.
So how can we operate our marriage in a healthy way?
In Encouragement Consultant for a Couple, marriage is treated as the decision made by two respectively complete individuals, who are willing to infill positive energy into each other’s life. The goal of the relationship is to nurture and cherish each other, while loving ourselves, and provide a safe harbor to endure growth and changes.
A brand new knowledge of marriage, starts with your actions!
This four part course is available on Udemy at the links below:
  1. ECC Training Part 1
  2. ECC Training Part 2
  3. ECC Training Part 3
  4. ECC Training Part 4